Monsanto is Using Our Kids to Perpetuate Their GMO Lies!

Monsanto is up to no good and they are preying on sweet innocent children and families to perpetuate their evil scheme. Let me explain ... Like many of the little girls living in LA my 7 year old Sabrina dreams of being on Television.  So after much begging and pleading I agreed that if we found an agent willing to represent her we would give her acting career a shot. We found an agent.  And … [Read more...]

Tell the USDA “No” to co-existence with Monsato!

Hello Scrumptious Moms. I need your help to make sure we continue to be able to feed our loved ones the foods that are the healthiest for them. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants to know what we think. The agency is seeking public comments (deadline extended to tomorrow,  March 4, 2014) on what it can do to "promote the broad adoption of local, voluntary solutions aimed at … [Read more...]

Would You Feed Genetically Engineered Apples to Your Children?

A friend of mine recently went apple picking with a group of friends.  She shared her experience with a glimmer in her eyes... bushels upon bushels of fragrant apples, ripened on the tree and freshly picked, waiting to be enjoyed.   After a lovely pick-nick in the orchard they sampled many varieties -- Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gala, Honey Crisp, Fuji, Jazz...  each with it's distinct flavor and … [Read more...]

The Truth About GMO’s — Exclusive Interview with OCA Associate Media Director Zack Kaldveer

GMO's are everywhere!  And Moms don't want them there. Although the United States labels genetically modified foods we produced here that are exported to 64 countries where labeling is mandatory, we do not impose labeling within the US.  That's right, US citizens are consuming thousands of products that contain Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered ingredients without even realizing … [Read more...]

13 Lies GMO Labeling Opponents Do Not Want Exposed!

by Zack Kaldveer  It’s déjà vu all over again. Last year a coalition of out-of-state, multinational biotech, pesticide and junk food corporations spent nearly $46 million to narrowly defeat Proposition 37, California's GMO Labeling Initiative. Now, the same who’s who of the world’s most notorious global corporate bad actors has descended on Washington State. Why? To try to stop … [Read more...]

Don’t Let This “FrankenFish” into Your Kitchen!

"Mommy what's for dinner?" "Genetically engineered salmon my love!" "What's genetically engineered?" "Well scientist made this brand new fish by taking a perfectly healthy wild Atlantic salmon.  Then they added a few genes from a Pacific Chinook salmon, and a few growth hormones from an eel like fish called the Pout, and they made the "Frankenfish"!  Doesn't that sound delicious?" I … [Read more...]