Are We Doping Our Kids?

Halloween is right around the corner and yes that means "Trick-or-Treat" extravaganzas when our precious little ones devour ridiculous amounts of their favorite food group: Candy!  This is one of today's contributing expert JJ Virgin's favorite topic and I am exited to share her insight with you below.   America’s Number One Addiction Might Shock You by JJ Virgin “I wanted to do … [Read more...]

5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Halloween

Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday.  I'm someone who loves to celebrate life so the heavy emphasis on gore and creepy creatures is not exactly my cup of tea.  And let's face it,  being the "health freak" that I am, (as my daughters lovingly call me) I could also do without the abundance of sugary treats and junk food. Long gone are the days of home made goodies. But I know this is a … [Read more...]

What lurks Behind the Jack-O-Lantern – Health Benefits of the Pumpkin

Fall is here and with the turning of leaves a new batch of beautiful gourds and colorful squashes fill the shelves of our grocery stores. With Halloween looming around the corner, pumpkin patches are popping up all around the neighborhood. My five year old came home beaming yesterday. She held a sweet little pumpkin, and was ready to carve it into a masterpiece. My husband smiled and … [Read more...]