How to Tame Those Whacky Hormones

Have you ever have one of those moments where you just lost it and you had absolutely no idea why? You feel this insane surge of overwhelming energy course through your body and you just can't keep it in! And seconds later you wonder who on earth that woman was that was in the room just moments ago.  You feel as though you've just had an out-of-body experience… And at the same time you … [Read more...]

Take Charge of Your Health Today! Must read Books of 2012

Vibrant health is the cornerstone of a beautiful and fulfilling life. If you're sick or wake up with aches and pains every day it's hard to dance through your day and truly relish it. The five books below are a "Must Read" for anyone striving to live life more fully, with energy to spare and a never ending smile! Enjoy! Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD You've probably heard all sorts of … [Read more...]

Life’s Little Catastrophes and the Resilient Mom

By Jennifer A. Williams When my son was only two, he and I had just picked up a vanilla sponge cake from the bakery, a special order for a friend’s surprise birthday party. I carefully tucked the square white box on the floor between the two front seats of our family mini van. Parking in our driveway, I unhooked the quick-release on my son’s carseat so he could climb down, and I got out of the … [Read more...]

7 Simple Steps to Reach Your Dreams in 2013

Christmas is only a week away and most of us are busy with last minute shopping and all sorts of preparations. It's also a time of reflection and celebration. We celebrate the year that is coming to a close and reflect on what we have accomplished. Rejoice in the people that surround you and that fill your life with beauty. The new year is just around the corner and the time to plan is NOW! Not … [Read more...]

The Secret to Aging Gracefully Through Your Eyes

By Dr. Elise Brisco, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD Your eyes are a telltale sign for your age. Eyes age both inside and outside which affects how you look, and your ability to see. Your eyes are also your main connection to the world. 80% of the brain is related to visual function, and 80% of the information you receive is through the visual system. Vision guides your hands and body, affects balance, gives … [Read more...]

Five Simple Steps to a Happier You

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if every single day was a happy day. No screaming, no feeling overwhelmed, no disrespectful teenager... just laughter and a sense of lightness from morning to night.  Too good to be true? Actually is isn't.  And I am about to show you how to make this reality your own. I'm sure you've heard this a million times before: "If mom's not happy, … [Read more...]

Arsenic in Rice: Are You Being Poisoned by the Food You Eat?

Over the past few months I've read an alarming number of reports from the CDC and other health watch organizations about the presence of "worrisome levels" of arsenic in our food supply. The main culprits seem to be our drinking water, fruit juices and rice, specifically brown rice and brown rice based products, such as infant cereal and brown rice syrup. What exactly is arsenic and why should … [Read more...]

FREE Hardcover Book Offer that Could Change Your Life!

JJ Virgin is at it again. She's GIVING AWAY hardcover copies of her new book right now! JJ is a dear friend who has clarity about your body and nutrition that is unparalleled in the industry. Her new book is called "The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days." Get yours before they're gone! Trust me. This is not the usual diet and exercise advice you've heard a million … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Mom Julie Muller – September 2012

Julie Muller, 43, has been married to her scrumptious hubby TJ for 14 years and is the proud mother of 11 year old twin boys.  Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Julie is high energy, creative, resourceful and more than anything, loves helping people. A self proclaimed “workaholic”, Julie has officially been working since she was 11 years old.  She spent the majority of her adult work life in … [Read more...]