What if You Were Rewarded for Not Being Sick?

Wouldn't it be amazing if your health insurance company rewarded you for not  getting sick? What if you earned a bonus every month that you did not come into the doctor's office or buy a prescription? Would you feel more compelled to stay healthy? I'm a firm believer that the best healthcare is preventative care -- doing everything in my power to stay vibrantly healthy and not get sick. … [Read more...]

Will Your Healthcare Plan Be There for You When You Need It Most?

This post is sponsored by United Healthcare. Content and opinions are my own. When I dialed 9-1-1 on January 23, 2015, my healthcare plan was the farthest thing from my mind. I needed to get my daughter to the hospital, and I needed to get her there FAST! I did not know on that day that eight months later we'd be facing more than $100,000 in medical bills. Nor did I know that I'd be … [Read more...]

Take the Stress out of Open Enrollment and a Chance to Win $500

Until recently I never gave much thought to Open Enrollment. You see my husband works for one of the biggest Healthcare providers in the nation and we have fantastic health benefits. In the 25 years since we've had this coverage I've learned how truly blessed I am to have this coverage. IIt's not perfect -- I'm a firm believer in integrated medicine and though I have an amazing team of … [Read more...]