5 Small Steps to Vibrant Health

This post is sponsored by United Healthcare. All opinions and tips are my own. Ah the joy of a new year! Can you feel it? Shopping carts are filled with veggies and all sorts of healthy treats... Gyms are bursting with enthusiastic members, old and new, who blast through one class after another... The energy is palpable as we all commit to making this year our healthiest year … [Read more...]

The Secret to Sticking to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution and a Chance to Win $400.

As we enter the third week of January and the excitement of the new year begins to fade, most of us are resigning ourselves to the fact that this year will be no different than the last and we try our best to ignore the mounting guilt that comes with realizing we've already given up on our New Year's Resolution. Oh yes we were committed when we made it and determined to make it happen come hell or … [Read more...]

21 Day Cleanse Challenge – Starting Week 3 Feeling Strong!

Wow, it's hard to believe I'm jumping in to the third week of my cleanse already! This past week has been amazing. For the most part it's been all about super clean eating. I've been drinking my delicious green drink 15 minutes before every meal and enjoying delicious dishes made with lots of greens and other organic veggies and lean, organic meats or wild caught fish. Sounds fabulous … [Read more...]

Jumpstarting My Healthy New Year with a 21 Day Cleanse

The New Year is a time for new beginning right? Or at least a time for getting back on track after a few weeks of indulgence... Yes, I'll admit I've indulge in a few more rich and decadent foods, fabulous wines and exquisite champagnes over the past few weeks, but I have absolutely no regrets!  I always say Life is to be Savored and well I have been savoring :-) Having said that I can … [Read more...]