The Simplest Way to Peel an Onion

I peel and chop a LOT of onions, and yes that means I cry a lot. I've tried all the tricks in the book and sadly I have not yet found the trick that works for me to not cry. I hold on to hope that some day I will... What I have figured out, however, is how to swiftly and efficiently peel an onion. This works every time and with every kind of onion -- yellow, white, sweet, red... Here's … [Read more...]

How to make a Lavender Quenouille

One of the wonderful things I learned years ago while enjoying my summer in the South of France with my parents, was how to make a lavender "quenouille". My parents have lush lavender bushes growing all over their property and this has become a favorite pass time of everyone who spends time with them in early summer.  My 6 year old Sabrina is no exception.  I can't wait to see  her first one! A … [Read more...]