The Wonders of Lavender

A few days ago, my six year old Sabrina who is spending her summer in Provence with my parents, shared with excitement that she had discovered the wonders of fresh lavender. "I LOVE lavender, mommy" she exclaimed… and after a few giggles, she added " I love to eat lavender!" Just as her sisters before her she could not resist the appeal of these beautiful little flowers which grow abundantly … [Read more...]

How to make a Lavender Quenouille

One of the wonderful things I learned years ago while enjoying my summer in the South of France with my parents, was how to make a lavender "quenouille". My parents have lush lavender bushes growing all over their property and this has become a favorite pass time of everyone who spends time with them in early summer.  My 6 year old Sabrina is no exception.  I can't wait to see  her first one! A … [Read more...]