A Home Filled with Music and Laughter…

As the setting sun turned the sky to a glorious gold, squeals of laughter filled the air... After months of waiting the girls were finally reunited... The next ten days will probably whiz by at dizzying speed but for a moment time was suspended. When our second daughter embarked on a ten day journey to Taiwan last year, we had no idea of the beautiful friendship that would blossom … [Read more...]

Skiing Under the Full Moon!

It was an exquisite way to end our school vacation... The snow was firm but not icy. The temperature just cold enough to remind us it is winter. The day absolutely glorious! This past weekend Cris was working on ski patrol at Mountain High, a local ski area about an hour and half from the house, so the girls and I decided to tag along and enjoy a little time on the hill. We … [Read more...]

The Magic of the Outdoors! Celebrating #OurLand

One of the things that instantly connected Cris and I when we first met was our mutual love for the outdoors. So when MomDot Media invited me to participate in a campaign to share the work of The Trust For Public Land I was elated! Before the girls came along Cris and I spent every weekend outdoors.  We discovered scuba diving together and made our way from one class to another until we … [Read more...]

#BEMORE – 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life – Book Review and Giveaway

Have you ever had that feeling that somehow you're not quite living up to your full potential? That you are destined for something more.... MUCH more? You wake up in the morning and feel that something is missing. You know deep in your heart that you were destined to do something great but somehow you're not sure what or how? You find yourself Wanting .... Wishing ... Dreaming … [Read more...]

Share What Inspires You for a Chance to Win a $400 GC

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of UnitedHealthcare.  All opinions are 100% mine. We're back with another special DARE from UnitedHealthcare and I know you are going to LOVE this one! What or Who INSPIRES you? Isn't this a beautiful thing to reflect upon? My girls inspire me to be the best ME that I can be. To take care of myself, mind body and soul and to always be … [Read more...]

Marcus Luttrell – Honoring One of Our Many Heroes on this Independence Day!

In july 2010 I had the honor and privilege of meeting a true American hero, Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor. He was the keynote speaker for the opening ceremony of a martial arts conference I was attending. As I listened to him speak and share the events that led to the death of his three Navy SEAL team mates during Operation Red Wings in June 2005, I found myself thinking repeatedly "He's … [Read more...]

A Day In Wine Making

"Why don't you come with us," she suggested. I was enjoying a delightful lunch with my friend Vanessa and her husband Kelly.  They had just shared that they would be heading up to the winery the following day to sample their new wine. "I would love to!" Ah the joys of being an entrepreneur and to change your plans at the drop of a hat! I met them the following morning after dropping … [Read more...]

They Are Walking All Summer Long in the Name of the Unborn

Last Friday I met an inspirational group of young men and women.  They joined us for the second half of our bi-weekly prayer vigil in front of our local abortion center. As their voices united with ours, a deep peace and profound joy filled my heart. These ten young men and women, most of them college students, were embarking with dozens of other youth from across the United Staes on a twelve … [Read more...]

Such A Brave Little Girl! An Ear Piercing Adventure.

As I walked into her bedroom on Saturday morning, Sabrina peered out from under the covers, giggling excitedly "I'm getting my ears pierced today!" Ah yes, today was the day! The tradition in my family is for the girls to get their ears pierced when they turn seven years old.  I had my ears pierced at that age and somehow that became the right age for my girls as well. Sabrina had been … [Read more...]

“Life Inside Out” – What Happens When You Follow Your Dreams!

As the credits began to roll, thunderous applause exploded and we all rose to our feet... We had all witnessed the birth of a beautiful dream... And experienced a magical journey... We had all been a part of "Life Inside Out".   When my friend Maggie Baird (October 2013 Scrumptious Mom)  told me that she was following her heart and making a movie, I was proud of her and excited … [Read more...]