A Home Filled with Music and Laughter…

As the setting sun turned the sky to a glorious gold, squeals of laughter filled the air... After months of waiting the girls were finally reunited... The next ten days will probably whiz by at dizzying speed but for a moment time was suspended. When our second daughter embarked on a ten day journey to Taiwan last year, we had no idea of the beautiful friendship that would blossom … [Read more...]

#GivingTuesday Charity Spotlight – Sharing the Joy of Flying with FOCUSFish!

Today is #GivingTuesday!  What an awesome campaign with such an important message! Every day thousands of nonprofit organization provide a myriad of services to men, women and children around the world with much needed services and goods. These organizations address real need where it is found and have a real and direct, often life changing impact on the people they serve. As I've shared … [Read more...]

Celebrating 22 Years of the Perfect, Imperfect Marriage!

22 years ago today I embarked on a wild and crazy adventure.... As I took those first steps towards life with my beloved I could not know what twists and turns, valleys and peaks, lay on the road ahead. I did know that I was exactly where I wanted to be. As I grasped my father's arm and breathed in deeply, a wonderful peace filled my heart and soul. God had brought me here and He … [Read more...]

I Love You Because….

Sabrina sat on my lap, facing me, as she did every night. I cupped her precious face in my hands saying in a firm but gentle voice, "Sabrina, look at me." Her big brown eyes locked with mine. I looked at her intently for a minute. And as I opened my mouth to speak the words I spoke to her every night, she broke into the most beautiful smile and started laughing... The words had not … [Read more...]

Sabrina’s Christmas List

About ten days ago, my 6 year old Sabrina decided it was time she sat down to write her Christmas list.  After all, everyone was asking her what was on it so she felt she needed to have an answer. She found a quiet spot and gingerly applied herself to this exiting task. She stayed close to where I was but did not share anything about what she was writing. Now that she is learning to write … [Read more...]

Facing the Death of a Loved One with Peace

My paternal grand mother died on February 29th, 1984.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was 17 and had been very close to her.  We lived on the outskirts of Paris at the time, in a beautiful home built in 1900. My siblings and I were playing dress up and having a really fun time. When I heard mom come home, I came running down the stairs, laughing boisterously.  I stopped … [Read more...]