The Gift of Magic!

From the moment I became pregnant with my first daughter I knew I was embarking on a magical journey. I felt so vibrant and alive! I could feel this new life flowing through every cell of my body. I loved being pregnant! I felt the most intimate connection with this little being that was literally a part of me! What an amazing and beautiful thing! I was blessed with an easy pregnancy and … [Read more...]

Centered Self Meditation: A Simple Technique to feel Strong and Centered.

Ever feel like you’re all over the place? It’s a common sensation in our fast-paced technology driven world. We’re always on the go, our attention is often spread thin, and time’s slipping through our hands. Sometimes, our fast-paced lives can leave us feeling disconnected from our center, our personal power, and our needs and desires. This goes for parents as well as children, and taking a few … [Read more...]

5 Strategies for Satisfaction

by Alison Smith As a yoga teacher, I consider it my job to help others find more satisfaction and enjoyment in life. So I'm always investigating the challenges my students encounter, in their practice and their lives.  One uniquely modern obstacle we face, yogis or not, is that in a culture of comfort and abundance, many are plagued with discontent. What are we missing? One day while teaching, … [Read more...]