A Special Book Signing for the Freshman 15 Survival Guide

Saturday October 18th was a magical day... It was my very first book signing event! On a glorious afternoon I joined forty inspirational women and their daughters for a lovely luncheon hosted by my beautiful friend Taline Saad. Taline is a spectacular woman and a truly scrumptious mom who always blesses those around her with her beautiful smile and generous soul and this event was no … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Help Your Child Beat Procrastination

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Procrastination... That dreaded word that makes us all cringe because we know it's power all too well... And the last thing we want to pass on to our children. In a recent WyzAnt.com poll of over 350 private tutors, procrastination topped the list as the number one habit … [Read more...]

Some Goodbyes Are Harder Than Others

My house had been unusually quiet this past week. Two of my daughters are spending the summer in the South of France with my parents. My third daughter is busy writing a book and illustrating a children's story book for a client so she spends many hours quietly working in her room… I can't say I don't enjoy the focussed time I now have as this has been a particularly busy summer for me. I am … [Read more...]

I Love You Because….

Sabrina sat on my lap, facing me, as she did every night. I cupped her precious face in my hands saying in a firm but gentle voice, "Sabrina, look at me." Her big brown eyes locked with mine. I looked at her intently for a minute. And as I opened my mouth to speak the words I spoke to her every night, she broke into the most beautiful smile and started laughing... The words had not … [Read more...]

Happy Mothers Day Scrumptious Mom!!!

Dear Scrumptious Mom, Today our nation celebrates YOU but I believe mothers should be celebrated each and every single day. You are everything beautiful... loving, giving, nurturing, comforting, uplifting, inspiring, ... YOU are irreplaceable, unforgettable, spectacular! I am grateful for YOU and all that you do, and on this special day I want to celebrate YOU in my own special way. This  is … [Read more...]

Shower of Gifts Mothers Day Extravaganza

Welcome to our Shower of Gifts Mothers Day Extravaganza! To celebrate Mother’s Day, Scrumptious Moms is thrilled to partner with Mommies Reviews, A Texas Girl Blogs and Oh My Heartsie Girl in hosting this event We’ve teamed up with some awesome Direct Sales Moms and Businesses moms to bring you the Shower of Gifts Mother’s Day Giveaway! One lucky person will win a gift package to pamper … [Read more...]

Where Has Time Gone? Celebrating My Baby’s 7th Birthday.

Today is a very special day. It's my baby's 7th birthday! And as I gaze upon this precious child, still peacefully sleeping in the early morn, I feel a tug on my heart as a flood of tears threaten to break loose. Where has time gone? It seems as though it was just yesterday that I was on my way to the hospital with mom, hoping that Cris would get there on time for the birth of our third … [Read more...]

The Art of Saying “No” – How to safeguard your most precious resource, TIME!

It's hard to believe the girls have been in school for two months already! The crazy chaos of “Back-to-School” is now a thing of the past and my life is mine again... well at least my days, when I can focus on my business and taking care of my personal needs. And one of the things I am particularly proud of this year, is having resisted the temptation to over commit... Yes indeed … [Read more...]

The Secret to Meaningful Communication with Your Child

I look forward to the time my girls come home from school every day.   No matter where I'm at with my work, I make sure that  I am at a good stopping point so that I can run downstairs and greet them as they walk through the door. After hugs and kisses we have a special conversation time.  Rather than simply ask "how was your day?" or "did you have a good day at school?", I try to engage them … [Read more...]

Moms, It’s Time to Rekindle the Woman in You!

February is upon us already! It seems like just yesterday we were popping champagne and celebrating the new year. We were full of excitement as we laid out our new year's resolution and started visualizing all the changes we were about to make.  I knew then and still believe, that 2013 is going to be a grand year! Yet all around me I see what I do every year about this time-- people falling … [Read more...]