Gentle Care for Urinary Tract Infections

"Mom, my stomach is killing me and I feel like I need to pee all-the-time! I think I have a urinary tract infection... " Judging by the pained expression on my daughter's face I suspected she was right and drove her to our urgent care clinic. The attending physician confirmed her suspicions and gave her an antibiotic along with instructions to take some over the counter pain killers if … [Read more...]

Natural Allergy Relief You Can Count On

There was a time when I greeted this time of year with a mixture of delight and dread…  I love the change in season and spring is such a magical time with new life and fragrant blossoms all around! But for far too many years spring was a time of utter despair — eyes so swollen I felt they would rip any minute, sneeze attacks so violent I don’t know how I stayed standing, and the constant itch that … [Read more...]

Miraculous Properties of Aloe Vera

Aloe, aloe everywhere, for your skin and for your hair, take a little for your tummy or rub some on your gums if they feel funny. While the Aloe Vera plant has been aiding humankind for centuries already, it has not been until recently that it has experienced a revival of sorts within the modern medical community. Many proponents of this green succulent of the lily family claim that Aloe … [Read more...]