What Do The Labels On Chicken Packaging Really Mean?

As most moms I know I want to feed my kids only the best, fresh and wholesome foods. And the companies providing our food know that too. Sadly they also do their best to confuse us with great sounding food labels that all too often are deceptive and misleading. So how do we know if the food we are buying is really all that it's cracked up to be. Today's post by guest contributor Kent Burden will … [Read more...]

Gorgeous DYI All Natural Dyes For Your Easter Eggs

What child does not like to color Easter eggs?  It's a fun way to spend some quality time together and build up the anticipation for this very special day. But have you ever noticed that when you peel a vibrantly colored hard boiled egg, the egg white itself is as colorful as the shell was? Egg shells are porous and whatever gets onto the shell will make it's way onto the egg itself. With … [Read more...]