Is Technology Robbing Our Kids of Their Smarts?

The girls have officially been back in school for a week today, though with Labor Day weekend we've been easing back nice and slow and things have been quite manageable so far. With three girls, two of them in High School, we had a full day of meetings last week with teachers and administration to get all the details on what to expect with this current school year.  It should come as no … [Read more...]

How to Tackle Tough Topics With Our Teens

"Mom, you'd be surprised how many kids do drugs at our school. There aren't as many this year as there were last year, but I bet it's still more than you think." We were on our way to Six Flags Magic Mountain where my 16 year old Alexandra was meeting a handful of her friends for a last afternoon of fun before the end of spring break. And as we often do during our drives together we were … [Read more...]

The Importance of a Family Emergency Plan

Last Friday I picked up my 6 year old Sabrina a little earlier than usual from school to take her to an appointment. When I got there, one of our supervisor's brought her to me and as soon as Sabrina saw me she ran into my arms and buried her head into my sweater, crying. She had been with another little girl so I suspected that something had happened between the two of them. I could not have been … [Read more...]

Could Our Children Be Suffering From Social Jetlag?

When we turned back the clock a few weeks ago, the girls had all sorts of questions: "Who decides when we turn back the clocks?  Why doesn't everyone change time at the same time?  What time is it really?  If we can change time any time what does time mean anyways?  How do we know when we are on the right time? " And on and on the questions went.  All good questions, but I was left wondering … [Read more...]

The Teachable Minute – Anytime, Anywhere!

Dr. Connie Hebert's new book "The Teachable Minute; The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids" is out October 8th! It is truly a gem of a book aimed at helping parents embrace their roles as teachers and find all sorts of ways to engage with their children. You can truly find those teachable minutes anywhere.... including the car wash! And what about the Pet Store? A favorite … [Read more...]

Beads of Obedience

by Anne Newsome  My kids will do anything for a bead. Well, almost anything anyway! But this tiny little object has been my greatest parenting idea since I first became a mom in 2008. I was trying to teach my two preschool-aged (at the time) children about immediate obedience or following instructions right away. I thought we needed some type of a reward system that was fun and visual … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Picky Eater [But You’ll Never Guess Who!]

by Anne Newsome Hello, lovely Scrumptious Moms! I’m excited to share with you today a story that may be all too familiar, involving a famous comic strip character. Can you guess who this story describes? [Don’t you peek ahead!] The setting: The dinner table. It’s about 6:00 pm, and he plops down, takes one look at his plate and asks, “What’s this disgusting stuff?” His mother, not missing … [Read more...]

The Gift of Indepence

Last Friday was a big day for our family.  Our 15 year old Alexandra left for a three month visit to Rome. She'll be attending the "Institut Saint Dominique" a French/ International school and learning Italian while maintaining all of her regular classes. The family welcoming her lives in Naples so she will board at the school during the school week, and spend her weekends in Naples with the … [Read more...]