30 Day Plank Challenge Day 16 – Loving those Side Planks!

Today we focus once again on our obliques with our lovely side planks! Strong obliques are essential for all that twisting and bending we do, lifting babies, overstuffed diaper bags and too many grocery bags. If you are feeling strong, go ahead and challenge yourself by making your base a little more narrow, bringing your feet closer together... And if you're rocking these lift your top foot … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 14 – Enjoy the Rest!

Woohoo it's another rest day and I know I'm happy about it! By now you should be feeling much stronger than on day 1 ad starting to see some nice definition in your core. Remember these rest days are crucial for the transformation we are looking for so even if you are feeling good don't do planks today! Go ahead and enjoy your regular fitness activities and if you didn't have anything … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 12 – Side Plank Dips

Oh yes it;s side plank dips today, my favorite! Not really but these are so good for your obliques and your core in general and if you can maintain good form and a good pace they give you a little cardio as well. Do eight sets with a 30 second hold followed by 10 seconds of rest and you will be feeling that nice soreness that lets you know you've had a good workout. Follow up with your … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 11 – Plank See Saws

I hope you enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend and made the most of your day of rest yesterday. We are back today with our plank see saws! Just a quick reminder for this one start in a elbow plank, engage your core, glutes, hamstrings and quads,then move back and forth towards your head then your toes in a sawing motion. Rock back and forth for 30 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat for a … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 6 – Mix it Up!

Woohoo today is a fun day in our plank challenge! Today you get to play around and do the planks you like in the order you like.  There's no right or wrong order as long as you stick to the set times. So do one set of each of the variations we've done this week, then focus on your favorite for the remaining sets, or cycle through all the exercises until you've done your 5 minutes of total … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 5 – Side Plank Dips

How are those abs feeling? Nice and tight? On Day 5 of our 30 day challenge we focus on obliques with our Side Plank Dips.  Give it all you've got it's only 5 minutes. As always good form is essential so keep that core engaged throughout the exercise.  Pace yourself in a way that pushes you without knocking you off balance.  You should get a little cardio out of this one as well … [Read more...]