Such A Brave Little Girl! An Ear Piercing Adventure.

As I walked into her bedroom on Saturday morning, Sabrina peered out from under the covers, giggling excitedly "I'm getting my ears pierced today!" Ah yes, today was the day! The tradition in my family is for the girls to get their ears pierced when they turn seven years old.  I had my ears pierced at that age and somehow that became the right age for my girls as well. Sabrina had been … [Read more...]

An Impromptu Visit To Joshua Tree National Park

During the school / work week I thrive on routine. Routine is the glue that binds all the puzzle pieces of my chaotic schedule together and allows me to juggle my different roles without losing my sanity.  But when it comes to the weekend I embrace spontaneity!  We all have some activities scheduled here and there but I LOVE being able to pack up and go on an adventure "just because". So when … [Read more...]