A Bold Decision for an Eight Year Old!

"What day is it Maman" asked a smiling Sabrina when she woke up this morning. "Thursday, my love." Barely able to contain her joy she squealed with delight as she hugged me tight "It's almost THE day!!!!" Yes it's almost THE day... THE day when my littlest one embarks on the biggest adventure of her life. THE day when I will not hold back the tears I know will be flowing … [Read more...]

I Love You Because….

Sabrina sat on my lap, facing me, as she did every night. I cupped her precious face in my hands saying in a firm but gentle voice, "Sabrina, look at me." Her big brown eyes locked with mine. I looked at her intently for a minute. And as I opened my mouth to speak the words I spoke to her every night, she broke into the most beautiful smile and started laughing... The words had not … [Read more...]