There Is Nothing I Cannot Do! A Special afternoon with Jen Bricker

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending a few splendid hours with my beautiful friend Jen Bricker. We had gathered with a handful of friends for the screening of Eva Longoria's Versus: Romanian Roots. I met Jen when she first moved to Los Angeles six years ago. She and I are kindred spirits and we bonded immediately. She had moved to LA with her aerial partner to pursue new … [Read more...]

A Bold Decision for an Eight Year Old!

"What day is it Maman" asked a smiling Sabrina when she woke up this morning. "Thursday, my love." Barely able to contain her joy she squealed with delight as she hugged me tight "It's almost THE day!!!!" Yes it's almost THE day... THE day when my littlest one embarks on the biggest adventure of her life. THE day when I will not hold back the tears I know will be flowing … [Read more...]

The Gift of Indepence

Last Friday was a big day for our family.  Our 15 year old Alexandra left for a three month visit to Rome. She'll be attending the "Institut Saint Dominique" a French/ International school and learning Italian while maintaining all of her regular classes. The family welcoming her lives in Naples so she will board at the school during the school week, and spend her weekends in Naples with the … [Read more...]