Cranberry Zucchini Chicken in Coconut Milk

There is something about the delicate blend of zucchini and cranberries with the exotic flavor of the coconut oil that make this dish particularly delectable and a little festive. I prefer to use unsweetened cranberries as the zucchini is mild and sweet and I'm not overly fond of super sweet dishes but they are not always easy to find. This dish is easy to make and ready in no time. Bon … [Read more...]

Easy Bake Salmon With Mango Preserve Butter

This simple and delicious dish comes to you courtesy of Chef John and Anne Newsome 'The Lucky Wife", publishers of The Saturday Evening Pot Equally delicious for lunch or a light dinner accompanied by a green salad and some sautéed spinach or kale with garlic.  This is sure to become one of your family favorites. Ingredients 1 whole salmon filet skinned and cut into 4 or 5 inch Darnes … [Read more...]

Savory Crêpes

Mardi Gras was always one of my favorite holidays when I was a little girl.  We often were in either Switzerland or Austria, enjoying a ski holiday and everyone dressed up for that special day. And after a fun day on the slopes we enjoyed a full meal of crêpes!  Savory crîepes followed by sweet ones for desert.  Yum!  Here's a simple recipe with a few ideas to stuff your crêpes with.  Bon apétit! … [Read more...]