30 Day Plank Challenge Day 7 –REST!

Hooray!  Today is a rest day! Make sure to take full advantage of it. You've earned it. Remember during this rest time your body is hard at work repairing all the micro tears from the intense workouts of this week. This is when the real transformation takes place, building that strong and sexy core. Grab a friend and go for a 20 to 30 minute walk, something I encourage you to do on a … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Give Your Workout a Break

Why REST should be an important part of your workout plan. When we think about transforming our bodies into a beautiful, sculpted work of art, we tend to focus on two things: workout and meal planning.  And while both of these are indeed important and necessary, we  often forget one of the most important ingredients: REST! Yet REST is crucial for optimum results and should be treated with … [Read more...]