Creating Balance for Health and Happiness

Balance. That elusive state of being we all crave so desperately yet find so hard to achieve. What I've come to understand is that balance is not something that can be found.  It is something we must actively create. Balance is ever changing. What felt right one day may feel completely off balance the next. To enjoy a balanced life we must learn to be fluid yet purposeful. One of the keys to … [Read more...]

Moms, It’s Time to Rekindle the Woman in You!

February is upon us already! It seems like just yesterday we were popping champagne and celebrating the new year. We were full of excitement as we laid out our new year's resolution and started visualizing all the changes we were about to make.  I knew then and still believe, that 2013 is going to be a grand year! Yet all around me I see what I do every year about this time-- people falling … [Read more...]