Fitness Friday – 5 Fun Ways to Get More From Your Walk

One of the highlights of my day is my evening walk with my dog. It's my cherished "Me" time. I'm blessed to have a few hills right behind my house to escape to and cleanse my mind. It also gives me a fabulous workout that leads to a good night's sleep. The benefits of a daily walk have been shared by health care professionals for decades and can not be ignored. From stress relief to heart … [Read more...]

My First Run In More Than Five Years…

I fell in love with running my senior year in college. I was a Chinese and Political Science major at Middlebury College in Vermont, and let's just say I had a pretty heavy workload and needed a little stress relief. My best friends at the time, a junior named Sonia,  was a professional tennis player from Portugal and took fitness pretty seriously. When she invited me to join her for a run … [Read more...]

Exercise for a Stronger Brain

The topic of mental health and how it contributes to our overall health is one that has fascinated me for some time and that I have been researching extensively for a couple of year.  We spend a lot of time thinking about how our nutrition, fitness  and lifestyle affect our body and physical health, but as you'll see in today's article by contributing expert Kent Burden, physical fitness can have … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Ease the Stress of Back-to-School

I wrote this post on August 18th of 2012 and though my girls are a year older now, they are facing much of the same issues they were then.  Alexandra is now entering 11th grade, and will be taking the French portion of her Bacalauréat in May, so this is a big year for her.  For Natasha, I suspect 8th grade won't be much different than 7th, but then again, she may surprise me.  As for Sabrina, she … [Read more...]

24 Experts Share Their Secrets for A Loving Home

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES OUTSIDE OF OUR CONTROL. WW WILL KEEP INFORMED AS SOON AS WE HAVE A NEW DATE!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yes 2013 is here and what an amazing year it is going to be! Whatever your resolutions may be I have a very exciting event to share with you.  I have been asked to join some of today's leading experts in the field of parenting for an … [Read more...]

Core vs Mechanics

When was the last time you took an evening out from your business to do some serious cooking? I'm talking about a full-on bake-fest, with every corner of your kitchen taken up with ingredients, prepping, and chopping. A long time, huh? If you're like most entrepreneurs, you've usually got your head buried in a laptop until the early hours of the morning, doing all the tasks you need to get … [Read more...]

Create Home Harmony in 5 Easy Steps

by Julie Muller In 1861, Isabella Mary Beeton said, "A place for everything and everything in its place."  This statement has been passed down as the expectation of a well-maintained home.  This is easy to accomplish when you are single and living alone.  A little harder once you are married and next to impossible once you have children and you are living in the 21st century. Every minute of … [Read more...]