The Secret to Raising Successful Kids

My three daughters are the center of my world. Like all moms I know, I want nothing but the best for them.  I want them to live a life that is rich in experiences, and filled with meaningful relationships.  I want them to be bold, confident, and to dare to dream. More than anything, I want my girls to believe without the shadow of a doubt that they can be whomever and whatever they choose to … [Read more...]

How I Became a Licensed Zumba Instructor

Okay you Zumba fans, I get it!!! Up until last Wednesday I had only taken two or three Zumba classes, and though I had a blast, I didn't become a Zumba fanatic as so many of my friends have... Taking class... After class... After class... If a friend invited me to join her and the class was at a convenient time at a convenient location, I was happy to tag along, but I did not … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Help Your Child Beat Procrastination

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Procrastination... That dreaded word that makes us all cringe because we know it's power all too well... And the last thing we want to pass on to our children. In a recent poll of over 350 private tutors, procrastination topped the list as the number one habit … [Read more...]

The Teachable Minute – Anytime, Anywhere!

Dr. Connie Hebert's new book "The Teachable Minute; The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids" is out October 8th! It is truly a gem of a book aimed at helping parents embrace their roles as teachers and find all sorts of ways to engage with their children. You can truly find those teachable minutes anywhere.... including the car wash! And what about the Pet Store? A favorite … [Read more...]

Book Review – The Teachable Minute, by Dr. Connie Hebert

One of the things I absolutely cherish about my children is their curiosity. As exhausting as it may be at times, the incessant questioning is something I truly relish. It gives me a privileged look into their minds.  The opportunity to see the world through their eyes and discover it with them all over again. I love to see those little wheels turn, and the joy that spreads across their … [Read more...]

The Role of Nutrition in Your Child’s Success at School

 The School Year is now in full swing and what an exciting time it is!  It is a time ripe with new opportunities, hope and a little bit of magic...  At the forefront of my mind is making sure that my girls have every opportunity to succeed. For Sabrina, who is entering 1st grade this is a chance to lay a strong foundation that will serve her for her entire academic career! She is eager to learn … [Read more...]

Setting our Kids Up For Success

The new school year is upon us!  This is an exciting and nerve wrecking time for kids and moms alike. At the forefront of my mind is making sure that my girls start the year on the right foot and put in place healthy habits that will help them thrive the whole year through. This is a pivotal year for my oldest daughter Alexandra who is starting eleventh grade.  College is looming right … [Read more...]

Jo Ann Thrailkill, Turning Tragic Loss into the Most Precious Gift of Love

I met Jo Ann in February of 2010 and I knew immediately that we would be friends.  Her infectious smile lit up the entire room and touched me profoundly! We were both attending "Alchemy", a wonderful workshop sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation.  I was acting as Director of Development for an LA based non-profit organization.  Jo Ann and her husband Jeff were just launching their own … [Read more...]

Life On Purpose

There are key moments in your life when you know you are on the cusp of something big, something truly magical, something life changing. The moment when you realize all the hard work you have put towards something meaningful to you is well worth the effort.  The realization that no matter what happens next, your life is never going be the same. This past weekend was such a moment for … [Read more...]

Four Questions to Ask Before, During and After A Sales Call

by Laura Atchison Have you ever read Green Eggs and Ham  by Dr. Seuss? It is one of the best sales training books ever written. In the book, Sam convinces the other character to try something he had decided he did not like without even tasting it before. Sales! [Image credit: yeko / 123RF Stock Photo] Know that situation? You are heading to a potential sale and you are going to recommend a … [Read more...]