Raising Breast Cancer Awareness with Aftershokz Pink Trekz Headphones

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. When I was invited to participate in a special campaign to raise awareness about breast and ovarian cancers, and review the new Pink Titanium Trekz headphones, I had  no idea how timely it would be... Nor how hard this piece would be to write... I felt honored and excited. As you know I love everything pink and these headphones are the most … [Read more...]

Five Things that Make Me Feel Empowered!

Happy Friday and welcome to Friday Five! As you already know I've partnered with the Sweatpink Community and Aftershockz for a wonderful campaign to help raise awareness against breast and ovarian cancers. On this first Friday of October we are sharing Five things that make us feel empowered! Woohoo! If you were to take a peak into my closet you'd quickly realize I'm a bit of a pink … [Read more...]

What Gets You Up and Out on Monday Morning?

Happy Monday! And what a glorious Monday it is! After an exciting four days at Blogfest and IDEAWorld I feel recharged and ready to conquer the world! … [Read more...]

3 Moves to Rock Your Core

Alright let's be honest here, who does not need to give her core a little extra TLC? "I'm dying for stronger abs" is probably what I hear most from fellow moms when we talk about toning and strengthening our bodies. And with good reason! Our core goes through a lot!  Yep pregnancy is amazing and the way our body stretches fascinating albeit a little weird, but the result is more or less the … [Read more...]

My Family is a BOSUStrong FitFamily!

The following post is sponsored by BOSU through my affiliation with the SweatPink community. For the last four weeks, the Sweat Pink community teamed up with BOSU to show the world what it means to be #BOSUStrong. One thing that makes me BOSUStrong is my family because they inspire me to constantly strive to be my very best. And I hope to inspire them to embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle … [Read more...]

Never Underestimate the Power of the Mind

Today was one of those days. I woke up at 5:30 as I always do. No alarm clock, just the natural rhythm of my body. The quiet of the early morning is a moment I relish... But not today. Today I wanted nothing more than to curl up under the comforter, cover my head with a pillow and go back to sleep. Today I had a migraine! I knew the chance of going back to sleep and finding … [Read more...]

Community, The Greatest Gift of Blogfest and IDEAWorld!

I recently attended my first Blogfest and IDEAWorl conference and enjoyed four rich and fulfilling days. As I walked into our conference room on Thursday morning after enjoying a full day of Zumba instructor training with a dozen of my fellow SweatPink ambassadors, I found myself surrounded by beautiful women!  Women of all shapes and sized, all gorgeous, fit, healthy, and passionate about … [Read more...]

Make it a Fit Summer with #SweatPink and #1MillionMinutes!

I'm so excited to be jumping into #1MillionMinutes of fitness challenge with the SweatPink Community! The past few months have been grueling for our family. Since that first 911 call on January 23rd, sleep deprivation and stress have been my two most loyal companions.  Not the best of friends to have around when you want to stick to healthy resolutions...  With those two hanging around … [Read more...]