Thanksgiving Blessings from Thailand

For the first time ever, I am celebrating Thanksgiving far from home and loved ones... I'm halfway around the world, on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta, where I arrived a few short days ago with my beautiful friend Jen Bricker. I've dreamed of coming to this part of the world since my parents shared photos of a trip to India, Nepal and Thailand with my siblings and I when I was younger. So … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Potage with Roasted Red Peppers

It's fall and though temperatures are still in the three digits here, I could not resist buying my first pumpkin! I love pumpkin and though I will most likely get annoyed with all the pumpkin flavored products that will soon line the shelves of grocery stores everywhere, I will happily enjoy a lot of fresh pumpkin :-) Not only do I relish the taste but it is such a wonderfully rich food when it … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

As much as we relish our Thanksgiving meal every year, I look forward to left overs and finding all sorts of creative ways to serve them.  I first made this soup by combining fresh turkey stock with leftover turkey chunks and my scrumptious turkey stuffing.  You can throw this recipe together in less than 5 minutes if by doing the same.  Or make it from scratch by following this easy recipe. … [Read more...]

Today I am Thankful for You!

As I went for my early morning walk with my dog today, I was greeted by yet another glorious autumn day!  As the morning sun kissed the horizon and infused the sky with beautiful colors, the birds were chirping a joyful song of thanksgiving, crisp fragrant air filled my lungs and my entire being was filled with peace and joy! I am so grateful for this time I allow myself each and every day to fill … [Read more...]