Fitness Friday How To Minimize Post Workout Pain

Nothing can dampen your enthusiasm for working out faster than excessive pain in the days that follow. A deep but bearable burn in the muscles you've been using is to be expected but srong pain that does not go away and gets in the way for your regular daily activity is NOT! Here are simple ways you can push hard during your workouts without suffering dire consequences: Hydrate, hydrate, … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Working Out with an Injury

Nothing can dampen your enthusiasm for your fitness program faster than an injury. Yet there is absolutely no reason why an injury should stop you dead in your tracks. I just sprained my ankle last Tuesday and it is a really bad sprain. It's been years since I've had an injury this bad and I am not happy about it at all. I'm an aerialist and the idea of being grounded does not appeal to … [Read more...]