Take Charge of Your Health Today! Must read Books of 2012

Vibrant health is the cornerstone of a beautiful and fulfilling life. If you’re sick or wake up with aches and pains every day it’s hard to dance through your day and truly relish it.

The five books below are a “Must Read” for anyone striving to live life more fully, with energy to spare and a never ending smile!


Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD

You’ve probably heard all sorts of things about Gluten, the god and the bad, how many people these days seem to have developed a sensitivity to it and are much better off keeping it out of their diet.  But there’s so much more to wheat than we know!

In this spectacular book, Dr. Davis turns conventional wisdom on it’s head and shows how far the wheat we consume today is from the wheat that our grandparents consumed.  In fact, Dr. Davis tells us in an easy to understand manner, that there is much to be concerned about with this staple food of our modern diet.  If you’re like many who can seem to give up bread or other wheat products no matter what, or if you feel like somewhat of a bread addict and wonder why, then this book is a must read for you.


Fat Chance, by Robert Lustig MD

This eye opening book on the real dangers of fructose came about after Dr. Lustig, a professor of pediatrics at the University of California at San Francisco, gave a lecture entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” that went viral on Youtube with more than 3,oo0,000 views!  If you have not seen the video yet, you can watch it here.  But be prepared you might be surprised about what Dr. Lustig reveals about fructose, which until now has been considered the “healthy sugar”.

If you are at all concerned about your children’s health and the alarming rates of childhood obesity, then you’ll want to read “Fat Chance” right away.


Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes

In this book, Dr. Taubes will turn all that we’ve ever thought to be true about overeating completely upside down.

“We don’t get fat because we overeat,” says Taubes, “we overeat because we’re getting fat”. Sound crazy? It’s not. Through detailed, well-reasoned arguments, Taubes shows that hormones and enzymes promote obesity,  and overeating is the result. Scientifically accurate and yet counter-intuitive, this book will change the way you think about calories and over-consumption.

Taubes, one of the best scientific writers we have today, clearly explains why it’s carbohydrates—not calories—that’s driving the obesity epidemic.


The Great Cholesterol Myth, by Jonny Bowden and Steven Sinatra, MD

Get ready for a compete paradigm shift in everything we’ve been taught about cholesterol.

What if cholesterol were not a cause of heart disease? What if statin drugs were far more dangerous than you’ve been led to believe? What if lowering cholesterol didn’t save lives? And what if our emphasis on lowering cholesterol (with drugs that have a list of side effects as long as your arm) was misplaced and caused us to take our eye off the real causes of heart disease, things we could easily do something about without taking statin drugs?

Do I have your attention yet?

This is the premise of this phenomenal book and the subject of much discussion in the filed of medicine today.  You cannot afford to ignore this book, no matter what, but especially if you are one of your loved ones suffers from heart disease.

And if you are truly curious, look for a special feature on this book on the Dr. Oz show on Christmas day.

Sugar Nation by Jeff O’Conell

This book recounts the personal journey of Jeff O’Conell, a 6’5″ athlete and well known writer and editor (formerly of Muscle and Fitness, currently of Bodybuilding.com.  Despite a rigorous training schedule and seemingly healthy habits, O’Conell was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.

“Sugar Nation” tells the true story of what has happened to the US food supply over the past decades. In his quest to understand how he wound up with diabetes, O’Connell takes us on a journey, which includes interviews with some of the leading experts in the low-carb community. In this highly readable book you’ll learn about the politics of sugar, and a lot about why our nations leading “health” organizations (like the American Diabetes Association) don’t take a firm stand on avoiding it. And you’ll learn how sugar really impacts our health.

When I first moved to the US I sought some of my favorite french foods but always thought they tasted differently than what I had been accustomed to.  I later discovered that the recipes for the products exported to the US had added sugar in them to appeal to American taste buds.  I was shocked!  This book explains it all.

As moms, one of the most important  gifts that we can give our children is the gift of health.  Any and all of these books will give you a much clearer understanding of health than most of the health professionals.  All of these are based on sound scientific research and will change the way you look at your eating habits for the better.


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