Take the Stress out of Open Enrollment and a Chance to Win $500

UHC-OpenEnrollmentUntil recently I never gave much thought to Open Enrollment.

You see my husband works for one of the biggest Healthcare providers in the nation and we have fantastic health benefits. In the 25 years since we’ve had this coverage I’ve learned how truly blessed I am to have this coverage. IIt’s not perfect — I’m a firm believer in integrated medicine and though I have an amazing team of traditional doctors, many of the non-traditional care options I favor are neither offered nor covered by my health plan. But with three adventurous young ladies who’ve broken more bones than I care to remember I am grateful that everything we need within the real of western medicine is readily available and covered.

But my peace of mind has been rattled…

A little over a year ago my husband received noticed that his position was being eliminated within a year… We’ve been “on hold” ever since, waiting for the final verdict while his union negotiates to save his job.

Any day now could be “the day” where it all comes to a screeching halt…

I’m sure you can appreciate how destabilizing it is knowing that we could loose his salary any day. But when I think of losing our healthcare package I break into a cold sweat. The thought of having to find a new healthcare package that meets our family’s needs AND our limited budget makes me sick to my stomach.

I know I’m not alone. Too many of my friends have shared how overwhelming the search for the right benefits can be.
That’s why I am excited to share this short video from United Healthcare “Open Enrollment Guide:Tips on Comparing Health plans” with you.

Here’s what you find in this video:

  • Simple strategies for comparing the “Summary of Benefits Coverage” from different health plan
  • Tips to assess clearly your personal and family needs
  • Tips to determine the best plan for your budget and specific needs

If like me the thought of comparing endless lists of benefits makes you queasy take two minutes to watch this video. And just for watching you will be entered for a chance to win the grand prize of $500 and a weekly prize of $25 courtesy of United Healthcare.

Go to http://www.uhc.tv/watchwin to watch the video or click the image below.


Does your company provide healthcare benefits? Do you dread or look forward to Open Enrollment season? Did the video make you feel better prepared for choosing the right healthcare plan?


  1. Great information. We have to switch plans this year.

  2. Great information, it’s so important to be ready for anything when it comes to our health!

  3. We are our own company so we are looking at the stress of trying to set up benefits.
    Can not wait to get everything set up..I want to get my teeth cleaned!

    • I pray you find a great plan with little stress Heather! One of the benefits we’ve been able to enjoy for the past 20 years is a fabulous dental plan so I know exactly what you mean. Wishing you all the best!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that you are living in limbo like this. We just came up for open enrollment with our insurance too.

  5. I usually dread open enrollment but this year I’m looking forward to it. My husband has some health problems and we are switching our plan so we have less out of pocket.

  6. I need to look into my plan further.

  7. We’ve been counting down the days until our enrollment period opens so we can make changes to our insurance. When it was just my husband and myself, we didn’t really worry about insurance. But with kids, we really have to look at all of the options carefully.

    • I cannot imagine not having insurance with kids Crystal! My girls are little dare devils and we’ve had our fair share of broken bones but with our insurance we had nothing to worry about 🙂

  8. We did a lot of changing last open enrollment but this year I think we’re going to stay the same.

  9. we were able to change lots of things this time around. I’m glad we at least have good health and life insurance with my husbands job

  10. Great tips. I need to look into all of these things during open enrollment.

  11. Great tips!!!

  12. Not a fun place to be. I was always fearful of cut backs and layoffs till my husband went back to the family farm. Love your tips. We all have to be aware.

  13. I am self-employed and my husband’s work doesn’t offer insurance so we will be looking into getting ourselves covered this year!

  14. I know we don’t take open enrollment seriously enough and we need to do our research. This is definitely the push that I need to do just that.

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