The 7-Day Allergy Makeover – Interview with Dr. Susanne Bennett

DrSusanneBennettMy dear friend Dr. Susanne Bennett has just released her brand new book “The 7 day Allergy Makeover” in which she shares a simple 7 step strategy that will have you  enjoying life like never before!

Dr. Bennett knows all too well what it is like to live in constant fear for your child.  In her book she shares her personal struggles raising a baby boy whom, over the course of the first 18 months of his life became hyper sensitive and allergic to just about everything he ate or came into contact with.  Anaphylactic shock and mad dashes to the hospitals plagued most of his early years. When conventional medicine not only failed to deliver a solution but in fact, progressively made things worse, Dr. Bennett took matters into her own hands and went back to school to study allergies in depth, with the top specialists in the field of allergy medicine. By the time her son turned 3 he was cured from everything!!

Today, Dr. Bennett  is passionate about restoring vibrant health to patients of all ages, from infant to adult, so that they may live allergy free and truly relish every single day.


In “The 7 day Allergy Makeover” Dr. Bennett shares the strategies she used as a mother, and perfected over the last 20 years as a holistic allergy specialist, to restore her son’s health along with that of thousands of patients she sees in her Los Angeles office.

The 7 day Allergy Makeover”  is available at your favorite book store March 4th and to celebrate Dr. Bennett is offering a complimentary companion eBook “11 Surprising Facts About Allergies”.  This little booklet is filled with fascinating facts that will change the way you think about allergies and the way to treat them.

When you download your copy of this wonderful eBook here,  you’ll be able to order “The 7 day Allergy Makeover” and receive a few more bonus gifts from Dr. Bennett.


I had the privilege of interviewing Dr.Bennett last fall for my Back-To-School Series “Rock the School Year”.

You can listen to my interview with Dr. Bennett here.
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In this interview you’ll discover:

  • Dr. Bennett’s personal definition of allergies
  • Why she believes that healing allergies begins with healing our gut
  • The importance of healthy digestion in combating all sorts of allergies, the natural way and for good.
  • how a sensitivity to toxic proteins such as casein, could be the cause of hyperactivity, inability to focus, and sleep disruptions in children  who may be misdiagnosed and improperly medicated with ADD or other conditions.
  • The detrimental impact of sugar on all modern day diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer. etc.)
  • Why you’ll find mold in places you least expect
  • “healthy” foods you should avoid as they severely increase your body’s toxic load (this made me really sad as they are some of my favorite foods…)
  • So much more

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to claim your complimentary eBook “11 Surprising Facts About Allergies” and order your personal copy of “The 7 day Allergy Makeover“!



The two special gifts mentioned in the interview are your gifts from Dr. Bennett when you order “The 7 day Allergy Makeover

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