The Magic of the Outdoors! Celebrating #OurLand

One of the things that instantly connected Cris and I when we first met was our mutual love for the outdoors. So when MomDot Media invited me to participate in a campaign to share the work of The Trust For Public Land I was elated!

Celebrating #OurLand

Before the girls came along Cris and I spent every weekend outdoors.  We discovered scuba diving together and made our way from one class to another until we became dive masters, sharing our passion with as many as we could along the way. When one of our fellow divers introduced us to rock climbing we fell in love instantly!  Winter brought the magic of snow and we discovered an awesome little ski area less than an hour away from our home in LA. Eager to tear up the slopes as much as we could we became volunteer ski patrollers and have served that mountain for more than 20 years.

The girls naturally became a part of everything we did. They all spent countless hours perched on my back or Cris’s in a baby back pack, shrieking with delight as they discovered the magic of the outdoors, or napping soundly rocked by the gently motion of our walking.

For our family, the outdoors is a part of our DNA…

It’s a place to discover treasures… Big and small …


A place to meet all sorts of wonderful and intriguing creatiures …

Creatures1 Deer-#ourland Creatures3

A place to learn…


A place to stay fit and healthy….


A place for family vacations…


A place to dream…


One of our family traditions on Thanksgiving and other holidays, is to head out on a family hike just before sunset. It’s a time we cherish for so many reasons… The peace and quiet with barely another soul around except for the creatures that live in the hills we visit..  And of course the stunning views that greet us every time and leave us absolutely breathless!  It’s our own special way of bonding as a family.


Living in LA we are surrounded with outdoor spaces to enjoy. I treasure my morning walk in the hills behind our house and the girls love to hop on their bikes to ride to the playground a mile and a half away.  Joshua Tree National Park is a favorite destination of ours and we escape there as often as we can.

To say that we are blessed is a gross understatement.  We are surrounded with beauty and wide open spaces.  It’s hard not to take it for granted that everyone should experience the magic of the outdoors.  Yet sadly far too many people don’t have access to even a small patch of green grass let alone a park.

“For the 80 percent of Americans who live in or near a city, neighborhood parks offer the closest connection to nature. Yet, today there is only 1 park for every 3,000 people in America. As a result, an entire generation is growing up disconnected from nature and the outdoors, missing out on the fun, fitness, and relaxation that parks provide.

In park-poor neighborhoods, children play in streets, alleyways, or vacant lots instead of on grassy meadows or soccer fields. Or they simply stay inside—a national crisis of inactivity that has contributed to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, asthma, anxiety, and depression.”

Children deserve better than this. They deserve to feel the warmth of sunshine on their faces and the gently breeze of wind in their hair.  To run freely, jump, laugh. LIVE! The Trust for Public Lands understands that and has made it their mission to bring safe, fun and healthy outdoor parks to as many places as they can.

TPL Banner

Since 1972, The Trust for Public Land has protected more than three million acres and created more than 5,000 parks and wild places for people to enjoy. They sponsors all kinds of neat and unusual projects throughout the US like this special “Fitness Zone” in Morgan Park in Los Angeles, where a group of local seniors enjoys a unique environment for their workouts. What a neat way to stay fit and healthy!


Across the US the Trust for Public Land is making sure that generations to come will know the beauty of the outdoors.

I cannot imagine my life without access to local parks. I’d probably go insane and get really depressed. One thing I know for sure is that I’d be a much grumpier mommy if I did not have the ability to disconnect with the hectic pace of day to day life as a mompreneur and escape for a while! That’s why I am so exited to support The Trust for Public Land, the Trust for MY Land…. My Children’s Land…  Our Children’s Land.

Kids everywhere deserve to know the freedom of running through a grassy field, the magic of discovering sacred treasures, the exhilaration of moving their bodies and breathing in fresh air!

Will you join me in supporting TPL?

TPL has a fun initiative to encourage families everywhere to share their love for the outdoors.  You can create a virtual postcard and share it with your friends on all your social media platforms. Sabrina and I created our postcards.



You can create your own virtual postcard on the Trust for Public Land website here.

If you feel so inclined, you make also make a donation and directly support bringing the magic of the outdoors to tomorrow’s children.


How does YOUR family enjoy the outdoors?  Do you have easy access to playgrounds and other parks?


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  1. I’m so grateful for my early exposure to the outdoors. It fostered a life-long love for nature. I hope my own children will maintain their appreciation into adulthood, and I’m thankful there are organizations that will ensure there are outdoors for them when they are adults.

    • It is such a precious gift to pass on to our children Crystal! Your children will most likely hold on to their love of nature. I think when you grow up spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying quality time with your family, you want nothing more than to pass that on. Yes I am sooo grateful for organizations like the Trust for Public Land that make it their mission to keep green spaces available to all.

  2. Love this! We were always outside roaming the woods and fields when I was young. Not sure what happened between then and now, but we are determined to make sure that our girls have a genuine love for the outdoors like we have. I’m with you on all of the reasons above! Parks are a win-win all the way around. Love this post!

    • I am so grateful that my parents raised us to appreciate the outdoors Amy… I grew up in Paris, France, a big city to say the least, but when I was about 7 we moved into an apartment with a backyard! We put on so many circus shows for our parents and stuffed animals on our swings and trapeze. I will cherish those memories forever! Your girls are blessed 🙂

  3. We live right on the Chesapeake Bay and we now have a program built into the school that the kids must do 75 hours of community service directly with the bay in order to graduate from elementary school. I love it because they are helping our environment and learning about the land around us. Most of their work is done on park land too.

  4. Wow you have so much wildlife! My local parks are all smack in the middle of the city so we don’t see very many animals. This is so cool.

  5. Stephanie Keeping says:

    Wow! The pictures look amazing! It must have been great in person.

  6. My husband fishes a lot, but otherwise, we don’t spend a lot of time outside. I wish that I lived near a national public park.

  7. We love to spend time outdoors and I wish we did it more. We used to go camping every year but have since gotten away from it. We visit our local parks as much as we can.

  8. Love the pictures and the message! We, too enjoy going outdoors and try to every chance we get. With the busy season it’s a bit harder. I live in Florida, so no rocky mountains to climb, but it looks like fun!

  9. Holy cow what beautiful photos and what an adventure to be had! We don’t spend enough time in local parks around here, but I am planning on changing that.

  10. I love these photos!! Is that first big thing a pinecone?! I’ve never seen something like that. We have teeny tiny pinecones here lol
    I went Snuba diving last year and fell in love. I want to take up scuba diving…. yanno, “someday”
    Love that little lizard/horned toad thing lol

  11. So many lovely pictures of the outdoors! My family and I enjoy the outdoors, too. There are several parks within our vicinity that we love to go to. Next year, I’m hoping to take my family to Garden of the Gods, which is somewhat similar to the place you featured.

  12. Lovely photos. Nice to see pix like that. Would love to visit the area some day. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love all the pictures of your daughter enjoying nature! What an amazing gift to give her that will last her her whole life!

  14. Was that a big pinecone she was holding? Wow, I’ve never seen one that big!

  15. I’m so blessed that I’ve seen much of this country’s national parks, and so I appreciate nature’s beauty and landscape so much more than I probably would have otherwise. I love your Thanksgiving hike idea.

  16. My family lives near three state parks and plenty of city parks. We don’t plan a vacation without seeking out some “nature time”. We can only handle so much time indoors or in the city before we need to get out and breathe. 🙂 Some of my favorite experiences with my family have been outdoors. It’s a great way to bond.

    I love your Thanksgiving hike tradition- I think I’ll introduce it to my family as well.

    • Tonya I agree with you 100% about going insane if we spend too much time indoors without catching a LOOOONG breath of fresh air!! How lucky you are to have such easy access to so many parks. I know how much I treasure all the beauty that is “in our backyard”. We cherish our Thanksgiving hikes and I am sure you will too. Happy holidays!

  17. Wow your daughter doing a handstand on the rock kills me! that takes guts 🙂 I love living in an area that has beautiful mountains and tons of hiking. We have so much access to many national parks – we are truly lucky.

    • You are blessed Avry! We took the girls on a 10 day camping trip to visit a handful of national parks and it was one of our best family vacations ever! I did that with mom and my siblins as a teen and still remember being awed by the amazing beauty everywhere we went! I love our easy access to Joshua Tree where we escape for our rock climbing adventures… We never tire of that special place. My daughter has handstands her signature pose lol. She makes my heart skip a beat every now and then 😉

  18. john hutchens says:

    I am blessed to be surrounded by nature. My children love the outdoors and have always been involved with outdoor adventures and exploring nature. We reside in Alaska so there seems to be an endless selection of new places to explore and enjoy.

  19. alicia szemon says:

    i love just taking a walk and seeing what i can find. our world is so beautiful

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