The One Thousand Reps Workout

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I LOVE Fridays!

Fridays are awesome for many reasons and one of my favorites is that I get to train with the fabulous Jill Petterson.

Jill has been teaching fitness as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for more than a decade. She is also a life long learned and always current. So her bag of tricks include tried and true moves and cutting edge techniques.

There are three things I can always count on when I train with Jill:

1. I’m going to be challenged
2. It’s going to be new 
3. I’m going to leave feeling empowered

This workout is no exception…

As I walked into class Jill announced cheerfully, “Okay guys, we’re going to do a thousand reps today.”

Yes, there was an audible gasp as we all realized she was serious.

The 1000 reps Workout Title Image

One more thing about Jill’s workouts, everyone can get through them, EVERYONE!

Yes all 20 or so people that showed up for class did 1000 reps.

The beauty of this workout is that you can break it down any way you need in order to complete it. It is also a concept you can use with any exercise. Today I’m sharing the workout as I did it but you can swap out any exercise you are not comfortable with, with one that suits you better.

So here’s how the 1000 Rep workout works:

You do 100 reps of 10 different exercises.
You work at your own pace
You can break down each set into smaller sets

Let me explain — If you look at the workout below, you’ll notice one of the exercises on the list is push ups.


Now there is no way on earth I could do 100 push ups in a row. If I’m only doing one set I can make it to 15, maybe 20 without breaking form but that’s it.

To get to 100 I started with 7 – took a break – did 8 more – from that point on I did sets of 5  with a few seconds break in between each set. Long enough to stretch my arms, short enough to stay on track because that was one of my objectives. I knew that if I took too long of a break the task at hand would only seem harder.

By 65 my arms felt like lead and it was hard to complete the sets. Muscle fatigue was hard to ignore.  So I dropped to my knees. Never compromise form no matter what. You won’t benefit from the exercise and you risk injury. So modify as needed.

For a brief moment I felt I could push through the rest non-stop but by 15 I needed another break.  By this point my arms were burning and I felt I had nothing left to give. And that’s where mindset kicked in. By then I’d completed the majority of my set and there was no way I was giving up. What’s 20 push ups when you’ve already done 80?  Even if I had to take a break after 2 or 3, I was going to make it.

Mindset is key. Focus on the set you’re about to do, do the best you can, take a break and do it again.

I can’t begin to tell how amazing it was to realize I had just done 100 push ups! Insane!

The rest of the workout was challenging as well but we all made it though… and so can YOU!

Here’s the beauty of this workout — You can make it your own.

I was in a class and we had to complete the workout within a one hour time frame. I made it in a little more than 40 minutes and was able to savor a nice long stretch. It’s amazing how motivating a ticking clock and being surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people can be!

But you can take as much time as you need, even the whole day.

If you want to blast through some cardio first thing in the morning, do the jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers and burpees.   Pepper your push ups throughout your day.  Sit ups for lunch?

The bottom line is have fun with this!

Challenge yourself I promise you won’t regret it.

The 1000 Reps Workout List of Exercises

If you’re unsure how to properly execute any of these exercises feel free to reach out to me or check out these videos:

Jumping Jacks


Mountain Climbers 

Sit Ups

High Knees

Push Ups

Bridges  (Glute Bridge)


Crab Dips

Plank Jack



  1. Judy Thomas says:

    I wish I was young and fit enough to do this one 🙂

  2. clojo9372 says:

    I think I almost passed out when I saw 100 pushups. I can barely get through 6. I have issues with my wrists so pushups are just murder, I have to go down to my knees most of the time. I do want to get better at it. I just keep at it. 🙂

    • Ouch Clojo. Push ups and wrists injuries are not a good combination. Some people find that doing the push ups on their fist takes the pressure off the wrists but you may want to swap out the push ups for another chest exercise that puts no pressure on your wrists…

  3. Wow…I’m so impressed! Such health benefits and body toning, though.

  4. Kimberly Lynn says:

    Wow this sounds like a great workout!!

  5. Thank you for this post.

  6. Nancy Burgess says:

    Great benefits with this workout.

    • Indeed Nancy, especially the feeling of empowerment you get from making it through. All too often we forget what we are truly capable of and allow ourselves to avoid something because it seems impossible to accomplish. Yet if we actually try we find we can 🙂

  7. John Thuku says:

    Very amazing that you did that. Wish I was that motivated as well to do a workout.

  8. WOW! You really are amazing! I couldn’t do that!

    • Aww thanks Veronica, but I’m not convinced you would not be able to do this workout or a variation on it with exercises that you enjoy. Especially when you break it down into smaller pieces and give yourself whatever time you need to complete it. 😉

  9. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Wow that’s amazing hope I can reach your targets some day

  10. laurie damrose says:

    Thats a lot of everything!

  11. samir hmdme says:

    great great workout routine! maybe not for beginners 🙂 thank you

  12. Veronica Morin says:

    My PT was like this and it worked. Good for you.

  13. Sounds like an intense workout! I wish I could do a 100 push-ups, I can barely do 1. I can do just about any other workout but push-ups are the most difficult for my weak arms! LOL

    • It’s an intense workout indeed Lena and so empowering! I never thought I could do 100 push ups, even by breaking the set down into smaller ones.. But it’s amazing what we are capable of that we don’t give ourselves credit for. Push ups are hard for sure. If you’d like to master the push up, you’ll like this post:

  14. Madeleine Kochevar says:

    too much OMG but congrats on you guys that can stick too it!

    • Haha Madeleine, that was essentially the initial reaction from just about everyone in the class when Jill shared the workout. It’s amazing though, how when you take your time and break it down, it really isn’t that bad. I’m not saying it’s easy, it is definitely a challenging workout but it is manageable and the concept can be adapted to whatever your specific needs are 🙂

  15. Alicia Hewitt says:

    I wish I could workout instead of gentle stretching and walking. I’m inflicted with a few chronic illnesses that cause great pain and fatigue, but this seems awesome!!

  16. nice post! thank you for sharing

  17. Omg…I can do maybe 20 full pushups now which a couple weeks ago I could only do 2 but way to go.

  18. Jennifer George says:

    I need to try this workout

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