The Role of Nutrition in Your Child’s Success at School

 The School Year is now in full swing and what an exciting time it is!  It is a time ripe with new opportunities, hope and a little bit of magic…  At the forefront of my mind is making sure that my girls have every opportunity to succeed.

For Sabrina, who is entering 1st grade this is a chance to lay a strong foundation that will serve her for her entire academic career! She is eager to learn and discover all that this world has to offer. For Natasha, who is nearing the end of middle school, it is a time of great adjustment to many changes, developmentally and also academically. With a new school building this year, finding her way from class to class, discovering new teachers and adjusting to individual teaching styles, managing the different sets of expectations. from each one..  and of course there are hormones that are a little out of whack! And for Alexandra, who is a junior in High School, this is a pivotal year.  She is thinking about college and knows this is the most important year when it comes to admissions.  So the pressure is high and stress management is key!

This past Sunday, September 8th, I was a featured guest on “Foodie Talk with Chef John and Anne”, where we discussed simple strategies we parents can implement to help our children succeed in school and far beyond.

You can listen to the replay of the show here:

If you have children already in college, especially freshmen who are discovering the world on their own terms, you can still benefit from the information here.  Your role will shift to more of an adviser than that of the main decision maker when it comes to some of the basics such as nutrition.  This is a huge transitional time for both parents and their and how you handle this will have a tremendous impact in their success far beyond these precious years.  Be sure to check out a previous show I did with Chef John and Anne, The Freshman 15 and how to Avoid it.  You’ll get lots of invaluable tips on how to help your young adult make a smooth transition into this all important time in their life


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One of the topics we discussed is the importance of a healthy, balanced breakfast.  This is one meal my girls are not allowed to skip as it truly sets the stage for their entire day.  In today’s fast paced world sitting down for a leisurely breakfast with your  kids on school mornings is rarely an option, yet you can still prepared delicious meals in very little time that will provide your children (and you) with everything they need to be ready to learn by the time they sit at their desk.  You’ll find lots of delicious ideas in this little recipe book we’ve put together just for you!

You can get the password from the show (listen via player above) and click this image to get your copy of the download:

School morning Breakfast Ideas

Download our Complimentary “School Morning Breakfast Ideas” recipe book here

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  1. My kids school is doing fairly well in the nutrition department. They serve fruit or vegetables with every lunch and for breakfast have things like omelets and fruit.

    I have my kids eat before school but I also do allow them, if still hungry, to grab something from school if they have time before school starts.

    I want their full attention on the teacher and on their behavior instead of being distracted by a rumbling tummy. I prefer that they eat enough at home, but sometimes they just get hungry by the time they get to school.

    • Thanks for sharing Kim. Sounds like you have a great meal plan at school! Breakfast is such an important meal. So glad to hear they eat at home but can still eat at school if they need to. That’s a bonus many kids don’t have access to, and being properly fueled is the best way to keep our children focused, attentive and ready to learn. Keep up the great work 🙂

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