Scrumptious About1Hi I’m Valerie Remy Milora, the proud mother of three beautiful and inspirational daughters, and the founder of Scrumptious Moms.

I was born and raised in Paris France of a french father and mexican-american mother.  I came to the United Stated to attend Middlebury College and majored in Mandarin Chinese and Political Science in the hopes of becoming a diplomat.  My political science studies, however, showed me that politics was not for me.  So I moved to Los Angeles after graduating to pursue a career in the film and video industry.

After five amazing years as a freelance editor, having worked on music videos for artists such as Air Supply, Nirvana and Foreigner, and Corporate clients such as Apple, Intel and Yahoo, I opened my own boutique editorial facility.  This decision was largely sparked by desire to become a mom.  The film and video industry can be quite inhumane with extraordinarily long days and impossible deadlines but I was determined to find balance between my career and motherhood.  So my facility included a beautiful nursery and a full time nanny.  By bringing together my two passions, I found I could be fully vested in my work, creative and productive.  My clients loved to take a break and play with my girls almost as much as I did!

I was also highly selective in choosing my projects and insisted on content I could fully endorse as well as a mutually respectful relationship with my clients.  I believe strongly that it is important to stand firm when it comes to our core values.  Equally important is to understand our worth.  All too often women undervalue their talents and the value of their contributions.

After 10 exciting years, and the birth of my third daughter, I closed my company and devoted the next 4 years to building a non-profit organization serving thousands of other nonprofits.  I also delved into the world of online marketing and created a successful membership site for a martial arts guru.

I’m also a bit of a “health nut” as my oldest daughter lovingly says.  I was raised by a mom who prepared delicious home cooked meals for us everyday.  She shopped at our local farmers’ market 3 times a week and patronized the local butcher, fish market and bakery.  I did not realize until recently, how privileged I am to have been raised in France, where food is fresh and wholesome, and high in nutrient value.

By most people’s standards I’ve always been super healthy, fit and happy.  But behind closed doors things were not quite as rosy.  I have battled migraines for more than 15 years, but have never found the cause and even less a solution.  A few years ago, tired of being offered pills to mask my various symptoms or hearing “I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do about this, you just have to learn to live with it”,  I decided to find the answers on my own and embarked on a wonderful journey into the fascinating worlds of nutrition and health.  I devoured books on nutrition, hydration, natural remedies, neuroscience and all aspect of health. I attended seminars and consulted with a variety of experts.  I also began training with some of Hollywood’s top personal trainers and completely redefined my vision of an effective fitness program.

I am grateful that I was able to turn my health around through all natural means and by changing a few habits.  I learned that being vibrantly healthy is really not difficult and it completely changes your world!  The key is to be committed, establish a sound foundation and to stay educated.

It is my firm belief that God created us to live a beautiful and scrumptious life, and that He put everything we need on this earth for us to live abundantly.  We are to savor life and live fully each and every moment that we have with our loved ones.  My daughters are my world, and like you I want to give them everything they deserve and raise them to be strong, powerful leaders and to live a meaningful and deeply fulfilling life!  My daughters and my husband deserve the best and that means the best “me” that I can be!