Fitness Friday – 7 Moves for Killer Abs

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With summer just around the corner I have been getting a lot of requests for a fun and effective abs exercises.

These following 7 moves are some of my favorites. They are simple but a little intense and require no specialized equipment.. Just a little motivation and dedication.

You can create your own custom workout with these using one of the following methods:

  • BURST workout — 45 seconds of intense activity followed by 15 seconds of rest in whichever order you prefer.  Do this sequence up to 3 times (21 minutes)
  • 7 Minute INSANITY – perform each exercise for 7 minutes and move straight to the next one.

Have fun!

Side Plank Scoop

Start laying on the floor on your side, top foot slightly in front of the other for more stability or one foot on top of the other for a little more challenge, torso held up onto bent arm.
Engage core and legs and lift hips off the ground keeping body straight, placing weight on arm and feet.
You can straighten your base arm if you wish to make the exercise more challenging.
Raise upper arm straight up, aiming for ceiling with fingertips.
Keeping body straight bring upper arm in front of you and scoop under your body rotating at your waist as you do so.
Rotate back to neutral bringing arm back up towards the ceiling or sky.
Repeat for 15 to 20 seconds.
Switch sides and do another set.

Prisoner Push Up to Plank with Leg Raises

For this exercise I’ve combined the prisoner push up which is executed from a plank position, with a plank with leg raise to give you a slightly more challenging workout and really engage your entire core as well as your hamstrings, glutes and quads. Keeping your core tight is essential for balance.

Start in plank position, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above wrists, abs fully engaged.
Lower to right elbow.
Lower to left elbow
Push up to extended arm on right.
Push back up to extended arm on left.
Holding plank Lift right leg up towards the ceiling, leading with your heel.
Lower leg back to floor and lift the left leg.
Lower leg back to the floor and repeat from the beginning of the sequence starting with your left arm.

** Maintain good form to protect your back – -core, glutes, quads and hamstrings engaged throughout. 

V-Twist with Medicine Ball

This exercise is excellent for an overall core workout with an emphasis on your obliques.  You can do this exercise on it’s own or with a 5 to 10 pounds medicine ball or hand weight.

Start sitting in a “V”, legs bent, core engaged, arms in front of you. 
Grasp your weight with both hands and  twist to the right, reaching weight towards the floor.  Keep weight just an inch or 2 off the floor.
Twist to the left and repeat, twisting from side to side bringing weight in front of you then to the side with each twist.

** Maintain good form to protect your back — back straight or very slightly curved but don’t slouch. 

 Straight Leg Hip Raises

This is another fantastic lower abs exercise and you are going to love it!

Start laying on your back, arms by your side, legs straight and in the air, forming an “L” shape with your body.
Engage core and lift hips slightly off the ground, making sure not to swing your legs as you do so.  you should be aiming straight up towards the ceiling.
Lower hips back to the floor, legs still straight up and repeat.

** Proper form is essential. Your back should be flat and in full contact with the floor for this exercise. If you find yourself arching or having trouble holding the proper position for the entire duration of the exercise, release, pause for a second or two and return to engaged position.

Windshield Wipers

These are super fun and once again focus on your obliques as well as your lower abs.

Start sitting on the floor in a V,  legs bent toes touching the floor, arms by your side, palms on the floor.
Engage your core as you lift your legs up in front of you, then lower to the right, never letting your feet touch the floor.
Return to center and lower legs to the other side.

** Maintain good form to protect your back — back straight or very slightly curved but don’t slouch.

Turtle Pumps (The Hundred)

These are one of my favorite exercises but be warned they are killer!

Start laying on your back, arms straight overhead and shoulder width apart, legs straight and in a “V” so that your body is forming an “X”.
Engage core and lift torso and legs a few inches off the floor, bringing arms by your side.  Arms should be straight and a couple of inches off the floor.  Pump your arms up and down a few inches, vigorously.  Hold position and pump your arms for the duration you set as your goal (45 secs to 1 minute) Breathe in for 5 pumps, breathe out for 5.  You should feel energy in your arms all the way to your fingertips and a slight burn in your core as you execute this exercise.

** Proper form is essential. Your back should be flat and in full contact with the floor for this exercise. If you find yourself arching or having trouble holding the proper position for the entire duration of the exercise, release, pause for a second or two and return to engaged position.

Squat with Twist

This exercise will work your entire  core as well as your legs and you are going to love it!

Stand feet shoulder width apart arms by your side.
Lower to a squat bringing your buttocks towards the back, keeping weight on your heels and your knees aligned with your feet.
As you lower bring arms in front of you.
While in your squat twist to the right, leading from the waist.
Return to center then twist to the left.
Return to standing and repeat sequence.

** To make this exercise more challenging hold a medicine ball or hand weight in your hands as you perform the exercise. Keep core engaged at all times.

Remember to have fun, stay well hydrated and eat healthy, balanced meals.  And as always feel free to reach out with any questions.

What are some of your most loved moves for getting beach ready?  


  1. i am 8 months pregnant but when i am not pregnant i like running or doing insanity 60 day workout.

  2. My body is not capable of any of those moves. Lol I have such a weak core it isn’t even funny.

    • Alright Cindy I am going to challenge you and your way of thinking. Your body IS capable of these moves. What’s stopping you is your mind and your belief that you are not capable. The best way to get a stronger core is to start with just a few minutes a day of ab exercises. So here’s my challenge: Pick one exercise that sounds interesting to you and do that one exercise every day for the next 10 days. One of my favorite core exercises for beginners is the plank because it works your entire core as well as your legs, shoulders and arms. I would start with an elbow plank and hold it for 10 seconds. Take a 10 second break and hold it for another 10. Do this 3 or 4 times on the first day and second day then try to ad one more 10 second hold on the 3rd day. So be gentle but consistent and I bet you’ll be surprised when you realize you’re stronger than you thought you were. Feel free to reach out if you need a few pointers or a little encouragement. I’m here to help 🙂

  3. I don’t have any of my own moves for getting beach ready, so I will have to try yours. Especially since I will be going to the beach in a little over a month. Thanks for the instructions. 🙂

  4. All of these exercises are great ones! I need to get back into doing them!

  5. The V-Twist and Windshield Wipers don’t sound too bad! 😉 I’d start with those. I need to work more on my abs – I think I’ll add these to my Monday ‘to-do’ list.

  6. Oh gosh. The names make them seem like no big deal. Maybe after I do them a few more times, they’ll feel a bit easier.

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